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      Aiglon College is a private co-educational boarding school in Switzerland, broadly modelled on British boarding school lines. It is an independent, non-profit school located in the Swiss Alps, 1,250 metres above Lausanne, in the alpine village of Chesières, near the ski resort of Villars, in the canton of Vaud.

Aiglon College Junior School caters for boys and girls in years 5 to 8 (US grades 4–7). The Senior School caters for students in years 9 to 13 (US Grades 8–12). Students are prepared for GCSE and IGCSE examinations at the end of year 11 (Grade 10) and for the International Baccalaureate in the final two years. Throughout the school, the curriculum is taught in English, with the exception of languages and literature.

Our school was founded on a distinctive ethos: the balanced development of mind, body, and spirit. This philosophy underpins everything we do at Aiglon, both inside and outside the classroom.

Aiglon College came into being in 1949 as the living manifestation of John Corlette’s pioneering educational vision. As Founder of the school and its Head Master for 23 years he established a set of values and educational priorities which remain at the very core of Aiglon’s identity.

These guiding principles were articulated in the first decades of the school’s existence through a variety of statements expressed by the Founder. Since his death in 1977, succeeding generations of teachers and school leaders have sought to sustain the spirit, purpose and focus of John Corlette’s vision; the school’s growth, evolution and rapidly earned world-wide reputation bear witness to the timeless values of his vision and to the passion of those who have nurtured it and built upon it.

The school’s guiding principles as they have been articulated here make them memorable and more directly relevant to our students. They are drawn from detailed research into all the guiding statements, formal and informal, that have been published over the school’s 70 year history, with input from staff, students, alumni, parents and governors.

  • Name Of School: Aiglon College
  • School's Website:
  • Date Of Establishment: 1949
  • Student Gender: Co-Educational
  • School's Motto: God is my strength
  • School's Core Religion: Nonreligious (Secular/Agnostic/Atheist)
  • Main Language(s) Used In Class/School: English
  • School Basic Fees: CHF 35,100 - CHF 78,700
  • School Staff: 168
  • No. Of Student: 360
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Avenue Centrale 61, 1885 Ollon, SwitzerlandSwitzerland,Europe,1885 +41 24 496 61 61

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