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Chrisland Schools is a household name in the provision of quality education to children of all ages. We have over four decades experience in training of children for world’s posterity. Over the years, the core values of Chrisland Schools have become parts and parcel of all of us. We unconsciously live, work and act by them. To a “Chrislander”, you do not have to read the inscriptions of our core values every morning or do a recitation. It is already part of us and of course, these values have become the identity of our great school. It is easy to differentiate a “Chrislander” from the others.

Integrity is a major characteristic of our brand. For over forty years of our existence, we have been true to our words. Where every other school has failed, where they have compromised, where they have been involved in corruption and malpractice, we have chosen to remain honest and of course, this is really seeing us through.

Discipline seems to have been compromised by most elitist schools of today; the moral upbringing of the innocent child has been seriously tampered with. It is pointless adding that an undisciplined mind cannot achieve greatness, of course, it is the obvious. This is why discipline, is a core value of Chrisland.

Love is our sustenance we say, realising the need to work together in team spirit, showing love and passion to one another. Nothing sets work in motion better than love.

Quality makes the difference all the time; the Chrisland brand is synonymous with quality. One of the reasons for our success is the fact that we do not compromise our standards in any way. We owe it a duty to give qualitative education to the children, as this will be the only solution to the perennial crisis facing the world now.

Academic Excellence seems to be the unique selling point of most schools. To some of the schools, it does not matter how this is achieved; either by hook or by crook, just get the “As”. This is where our integrity comes in and makes the difference. We have been known over the years for a tradition of academic excellence, our students write external examinations unaided and come out with good results.

On our own part as the custodians of the Chrisland culture, we the directors ensure the implementation, we lead by example, and also ensure that proper orientation programmes are put in place for every fresh member of the Chrisland family, be it a student, a parent or a staff. In no time, the fresh ones show respect for our rules, they honour our values and join hands with us to preserve our culture, the Chrisland Culture.

Your wards are assured of unbridled quality 21st century teaching and learning at Chrisland. Feel free to join our world. Once again, you are welcome to Chrisland.

  • Name Of School: Christland Schools
  • School's Website:
  • Date Of Establishment: 1979
  • Student Gender: Co-Educational
  • School's Motto: Show forth the light.
  • School's Core Religion: Christianity
  • Main Language(s) Used In Class/School: English
  • School's Basic Objective: Our goal; simply put, is a child centered education, for the realization of maximum self-discovery and development in life, through personal attention to each child. This is carried out through the three basic sectors of learning: cognitive, affective and psychomotor.
  • School Basic Fees: 2 Million Naira
  • Specify School Accreditation(s) - If any: COBIS
  • No. Of Student: 400
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26, Opebi Road, P.M.B. 21614, Ikeja, Lagos. 72, Old Ejigbo Road, Idimu, Lagos. Plot 84, Cadastral Zone C10, Wumba District,Off Apo Mechanic Village, Abuja.Nigeria,Africa,10100 09063135544 08172013122 08033137381 07035211180

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