Rudolf Steiner School Poetzleinsdorf Vienna Austria

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We see it as  our task to maintain the natural enthusiasm of the students and to arouse curiosity in them. We rely on a curriculum that has plenty of room for visual instruction and imagination. In an environment of trust and mutual respect, there is no competition, but mutual appreciation of individual skills.

The Waldorf Kindergarten Pötzleinsdorf is currently attended by around 80 children between the ages of 3 and 6. The Rudolf Steiner School Pötzleinsdorf is a training facility for almost 300 children and adolescents in twelve classes, plus a Matura advanced course. Around 50 children visit our day care center. A total of around 60 employees work for our school association. In addition, a large number of volunteers volunteer in various working groups (bazaar, festival group, PR group and much more) for the concerns of our kindergarten and our school.

Foreign language teaching at the Waldorf School aims to teach young people the tonal and stylistic qualities of the foreign language. The pupils should be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and to get to know the different ways of expression, thinking and behavior compared to their mother tongue.

  • a curriculum that corresponds to the mental and emotional development dynamics of children and adolescents
  • no stopping
  • individual verbal assessment instead of grades
  • fear-free and stress-free learning
  • two living foreign languages ​​from the first class
  • the connection of cognitive, artistic and craft learning
  • Promotion of personal and social skills
  • Work experience internships in every high school year
  • Name Of School: Rudolf Steiner School Poetzleinsdorf Vienna
  • School's Website:
  • Student Gender: Co-Educational
  • School's Core Religion: Nonreligious (Secular/Agnostic/Atheist)
  • Main Language(s) Used In Class/School: Russian
  • No. Of Student: 300
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Geymüllergasse 1, 1180 Wien, AustriaAustria,Europe,1180 +43 1 4793121

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