Rudolf Steiner Schule Kreuzlingen Switzerland

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Continuous and comprehensive education instead of early selection and one-sided intellectual education

Childhood as a protected space, development of strong roots and self-confidence

Parents and teachers as educational and cultural entrepreneurs

School development and quality improvement on our own initiative

Financing of the school through parental contributions, donations and fundraisers

Intensive immersion in teaching topics through epoch lessons and practical projects
outside the laboratory situation of the classroom

A high priority for artistic and craft activities

Secure prospects for connections and degrees (from the crawling group to the Abitur)

Manageable, family-run school, open discussion culture and solidarity

Proactive and constructive approach to conflicts.

  • Name Of School: Rudolf Steiner Schule Kreuzlingen
  • School's Website:
  • Date Of Establishment: 1976
  • Student Gender: Co-Educational
  • School's Core Religion: Nonreligious (Secular/Agnostic/Atheist)
  • Main Language(s) Used In Class/School: German
  • School Basic Fees: Data not available
  • School Staff: 40
  • No. Of Student: 100
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Bahnhofstrasse 15 CH-8280 KreuzlingenSwitzerland,Europe,CH-8280 +41 (0) 71 672 17 10

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