Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why should I use Good Schools Guider?
    Good Schools Guider consultants have experience as Heads of schools undergoing inspection,they understand the concerns of schools and the process of inspection, enabling them to offer knowledgeable and sympathetic support. The time and paperwork involved in preparing for an inspection can be very time-consuming for Heads and we can relieve them of much of this.
  2. Can I use just selected elements of your services?
    Of course. You can choose any areas of our service to suit you.
  3. How should a school or department prepare for an inspection/evaluation?
    It is useful for an inspector to have the paperwork relating to management, syllabi, departmental structure and recent public exam results up to 2 weeks in advance of the visit. Precise requirements would be given in detail well in advance.
  4. Do you deal with all overseas schools?
    Our expertise lies in the General Education system, curriculum and with trained teachers; so we tend to work mainly with each country education experts  overseas. We have considerable experience with schools in Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Far East.
  5. Can you advise me, as Head of an overseas school?
    Yes, we are happy to advise on latest developments and their implications for schools overseas.
  6. Can Good Schools Guider advise on requirements and targets for a Special Needs department?
    Good Schools Guider works with a number of qualified educational psychologists and has a wide network of contacts in special needs provision, including gifted and talented provision.  We are happy to advise as required.
  7. Can Good Schools Guider advise me on buying a school?
    You will need to know whether the school is financially viable and whether the education it offers will attract parents and hence make a sound business. Good schools guider can advise on both the financial viability of a school and on its educational effectiveness and strengths.
  8. Do I have to pay to use your online service?
    No, our online service is free of charge to all students and parents searching for schools.
  9. I want to search for a school. How can I find a really good one?
    Go to our Schools Guider. You can search our detailed database of schools by country or by school type.
  10. What kinds of schools are listed on your directory?
    Our online directory lists schools,Universities,Day care, institutes colleges offering language classes, children’s education, career training, business programs, science, arts, health, sports or distance education related courses. Please see our Good School Guider for tables of the different education categories.
  11. What does it cost to be listed ?
    Good Schools Guider Listing remain Free. Schools provide a  description of the school & location, list courses available and any special offers they would like to promote.