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Ificomm Multimedia’s idea to start a website on good schools guide and the decision to undertake this project was informed by the growing demand for quality education and corresponding rapid development of schools that had remained unknown to most parents. This gap has made it impossible to source authentic information on such schools.

The rationale for good schools is no longer in debate; rather, it is which and where of such schools that has become worrisome to all well-meaning parents. This is because not only do parents need to know the weakness/strengths of their child (some parents don’t) the school they are choosing, and even the disposition of pupils/students in their choice of school and hence they need to be clear about the school that would best suit their (child’s) aspirations especially in these days of drugs, alcohol, gangs, knives, guns and lack of security in our schools today. If quality is the word and pupils security is guaranteed at all times while in the school premises. Without safe schools, it is difficult, if not impossible for learning to take place. A school is doing well when you have high number of students passing their exams and quality is not sacrifice for how much is paid as fees.

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