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About products
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About products

Which products are compared?
Our ambition is to present and compare as many products as possible. At Good Schools Guider you can compare everything from fridges and softwares to Lacrosse footwear , Art & Crafts or dinner plates. Good Schools Guider compares million of products – always with the lowest price at the top.

How do I find a product?
The easiest way is to click in the search box and enter what you are looking for, for example, “yarn” or “eraser”. The search result then shows the products that match your search. By clicking on the product you are looking for you get complete product and price information.

How are products sorted within a category?
The sorting of all products within a category is automatically based on product popularity. What is considered popular is calculated under a 30-day time period as well as taking into consideration; user interest in the products (what you search for) along with what users are interested in looking at (what you click). That means that the products you see at the top of the page are there because they simply put are the most popular right now.
You can however change the sorting and instead get products listed based on greatest discount or lowest price. Or if you want to buy a product with good reviews, you can sort based on reviews. The most liked products will then end up at the top of the list, simple enough right?

How do I locate the product that suits me?
At Good Schools Guider you can get help finding the right product in several different ways.
When you have searched or clicked into a specific category, all products in the category you have chosen will be displayed. To see more information about a particular product, click on that product and you will see lots of product information. You can also read the reviews and ratings that other users have given the product.
When products within a certain category are displayed, there are filters on the left side of your screen. You can use the filters to narrow your search so that only products matching your requirements are listed. Limit your search by selecting on one or more filters. The product list is automatically updated and displays only the products matching the selected properties. This allows you to find the product(s) that exactly match what you are looking for.
At Good Schools Guider we also have professional testers who work on testing products in real life. We test everything from robotic lawn mowers to wheelchairs and blood pressure monitors. All tests are carried out in real life situations and the results are completely independent of the manufacturers. We have tested thousands of products so you can easily read what we think of different products.We still compliment with a robust Forum in association with real live contributors.

How do I find out more about a product?
You can read product reviews and see ratings published for a product, both from professional sources, such as magazines, and from ordinary consumers. You can also read Good Schools Guider’s professional tests of a large number of products.
Our product pages are designed to provide relevant information so that you can quickly determine which product best suits your needs and budget.

How can I compare products?
On category pages that show several products within a particular category, you can click on the different properties you want to compare.

Can I tip you about a product?
We work hard to list all the products that you may want to buy. If you cannot find a product on Good Schools Guider we would appreciate hearing from you with the product name and manufacturer or the type of product that you would like us to compare.

How can you compare so many products?
Some aspects of our information collection are automated, while other parts require manual work. We have a big team manually collecting information and working hard to make sure you as a consumer get the most relevant information about products, retailers, tests and prices.

How do I buy the product I want?
For each product listed on Good Schools Guider, there are often a large number of retailers. To buy the product, click on the green “Go to store” button for the retailer you want to visit which will send you to the retailer’s website.
Do you sell any products?
No. Good Schools Guider is simply an information service. We help you find the best products at the lowest price. It is the retailers we link to that sell the products, not Good Schools Guider. Please check the ratings other customers have given the retailer before you make a purchase.

What responsibility do you take if the product information on Good Schools Guider is wrong?
Good Schools Guider strives to show up-to-date and accurate information. Our database is constantly updated and we do our utmost to provide you with updated information.
If you find any information that you think is wrong, we would be happy for you to contact us so that we can correct the problem. However, we display more than a hundred million prices every day and cannot guarantee that the information is accurate. It is therefore important that you carefully check the product information on the retailer’s website before completing a purchase.

About prices and shipping

How are prices updated?
Most prices are automatically updated at least once a day. For a lot of retailers, prices are updated more often than that. However, Good Schools Guider does not guarantee that prices are correct. It is therefore important that you double-check the price on the retailer’s website before completing a purchase to ensure that the price you have seen on Good Schools Guider is current and correct.

How do I see the price?
Click on “Compare price” in the product list to get a list of all retailers selling that particular product. The lowest price excluding shipping costs is shown at the top and includes VAT.
Is VAT included in all prices?
Yes, all prices are inclusive of VAT. If a price fetched from a retailer is exclusive of VAT, our system adds VAT to that price. If you find a price that you think is excluding VAT, please contact us and tell us about the relevant product and retailer, so that we can check the price.

Do you show membership stores?
Yes, we allow stores to be listed with prices that require a membership. In those cases, the following requirements must be met:
• The store does not charge a monthly membership fee.
• Any membership fees, for example a deposit amount, can be refunded if the user wants to terminate the membership.
• Any membership fees are reasonable.
If a store charges a monthly membership fee, the store can still be listed with their prices and products on Good Schools Guider . However, Good Schools Guider requires the store to be listed with its ordinary prices (i.e. prices for non-members). Any membership conditions must be clearly stated on the store’s website.

What do I do if I think a price is wrong?
Our aim is to display correct and updated price information, but errors may occur. Good Schools Guider does not guarantee the prices. You must double-check the prices on the retailer’s own site. If you notice an error on our site, please send us an email with a link to the page and describe what is wrong.

How do you compare the prices for a product?
Good Schools Guider strives to be able to display all prices available to you. We display prices regardless of whether or not a retailer is a customer of Good Schools Guider . Retailers are sorted with the lowest price excluding shipping at the top as standard and then in ascending order.
Some retailers may, for technical or resource reasons, miss shipping cost information in our listings. These are then listed in the list with the text “Delivery unknown”. You can always check the retailer’s site yourself for information on shipping costs.
But there are a number of exceptions that are worth knowing. Good Schools Guider compares millions of products and strives to compare as many products as possible. But there are still many products that we have not yet been able to price compare. These products still appear on Good Schools Guider as they may be products you are looking for. If several retailers sell the same product of this type, they may not be sorted in order with the lowest prices excluding shipping at the top.

What shipping cost does Good Schools Guider display?
The shipping costs that Good Schools Guider displays for a retailer should be the lowest possible one. The shipping costs must be valid at the time of delivery of the product to the buyer. In other words, the retailer cannot say that shipping is free if you have to pick up the product at the retailer adress.
What does stock status mean?
Stock status means that a retailer indicates it has the product ready for delivery. A product being in stock normally means that there is less uncertainty about the delivery and that you can get the product more quickly. The stock status displayed on the Good Schools Guider site can be “In stock”, “Not in stock” or the quantity in stock.
If more detailed information is available, such as “Ordered from supplier” or the date when the product will be in stock, this can also be displayed. The stock status can apply both to the retailer’s own stock and to its supplier/distributor’s stock.

About retailers
Which retailers are on Good Schools Guider?
We always want you to be able to find the lowest price on Good Schools Guider. Good Schools Guider’s ambition is therefore that you should be able to find prices from all online retailers selling a particular product.
We show both retailers that pay Good Schools Guider for increased exposure (logo and added value) and retailers that are not our customers of Good Schools Guider. By clicking on the retailer’s logo, you can find important information such as delivery method, return policy and the retailer website. This applies to both customers and non-customers of Good Schools Guider. Our ambition is to list as many retailers, products and prices as possible, but we can never guarantee the accuracy of the information about any retailer, price or product listed on Good Schools Guider.
Good Schools Guider actively discourages rogue companies but cannot guarantee that all retailers listed are reliable. We always want to hear from you if you have had a bad experience with any retailer.

How can I see information about a retailer?
Search for the category or product you are looking for. To see prices for a particular product, click “Compare price” next to the product, and a list of the retailers will be displayed. Click on the retailer’s logo to get more information about that retailer.

How do I choose which retailer to buy from?
Just like when you shop in a physical store, it is important to take different factors into account. We list different retailers so you can choose where you want to shop. The lowest price excluding shipping is shown at the top. We do not prioritise retailers that advertise on Good Schools Guider. By reading other customers’ ratings and reviews of a retailer, you can get an idea of which retailer to buy from.
Do retailers pay to be listed on Good Schools Guider?
Good Schools Guider strives to show prices from all retailers that sell goods regardless of whether they are customers of Good Schools Guider. We do this so that you can always find the most attractive offer through Good Schools Guider. A retailer can pay to get extra exposure on Good Schools Guider or can choose to advertise. However, this does not affect where in the price list they are placed once we have a sorted price comparison.

How can I tip Good Schools Guider about a retailer that should be listed on Good Schools Guider?
We work hard to list all retailers that may be of interest to consumers. If you think we have missed a retailer, we would be grateful for you to contact us with the name, website address and other information about the retailer. If you are a retailer, read more about how your prices can be displayed on Good Schools Guider here.

How can Good Schools Guider list so many retailers?
Good Schools Guider has a technical solution that matches the available products, retailers and prices, for both online retailers and some physical retailers. Some aspects of our data processing are automated, while other parts require manual work.
What applies to purchases within and outside the US?

More information about your consumer rights and what applies when you buy within and outside the US.

The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.

The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.

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